We rent

  • Colorado and Ontario ( inflatable boat ), capacity 3 – 6 persons
  • Baraka rafts ( inflatable boat ), capacity 2 – 3 persons
  • Dag canoes, capacity 2 - 3 persons
  • Diablo and Dag kayaks, capacity 1 person
  • Accessories (paddles, seabags, casks, life–jackets)

Day trips

From early spring until late autumn, we organize day trips along Vltava River.
The route of the trip can be arranged on the basis of your requirements and time options (see table and map of Vltava).

Mark Route Distance (km) Duration (hrs)
Short trips
2 Barevná skála – Č. Krumlov 4 1-2
3 Pískárna – Č.Krumlov 10 2-3
Half-day trips
4 Zátoň - Č. Krumlov 15 2-4
5 Č. Krumlov - Zlatá Koruna 15 2-4
Full day trips
6 Rožmberk - Český Krumlov 25 4-6
7 Vyšší Brod - Č. Krumlov 35 6-8
8 Č. Krumlov - Boršov n. Vlt. 33 6-8
9 Kombinovaný výlet do Zlaté Koruny 15-10 6-8

All these trips begin and end by the seat of our agency in the centre of Cesky Krumlov or in Lodenice ( boatshed ) near of Campsite Nove Spoli where you can use our safe parking for free.

The price per person includes boat rental and all other complementary services: rental of paddles, seabags, casks, life–jackets, maps, transfer of boats and people to the outset spot (trip P2, P3, P5, P6) and from the destination spot (trip P1, P4, P7).

Multiple day boat rental ( 2 and more en bloc )

We will bring you the boats to the outset point or will drive them from the cruise destination, all according to your requirements. The price of multiple day rental includes rental of boat, paddles, seabags and life–jackets for one day price. The price includes transfer of the boats to the start or from the destination point too if the total price of rental is 5000 CZK or more.


We provide transfer of boats and people to the outset point or from the destination point by 9–seater minibuses


We provide instructors of rafting for groups and individuals.

Combined trip to Zlatá Koruna
Boat trip to Zlata Koruna and return to Cesky Krumlov by bike. Enjoy the day for 100 %!